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Love in hands-on activity like dismantling, crafting, creating, modifying led me to the world of design.
Graduated in late 2004, I have been specialized in designing computer peripherals, personal digital
entertainment products. I  always aim for break through in every project, constantly improving myself.
Justifying design, making models, experimenting new styling, improve deliverables quality and
methods, working close with the team to achieve desire design intend. 

The passion in design never stops my  curiosity looking and studying different genres of design
industry. I value every object around me. AntObjects is created as a personal portfolio to fulfill and
share my thoughts, ideas and experiments. All works in this site are self-initiated projects (exclude
Professional project); prototypes are made by myself. Ideas are inspired by daily observations and
found objects. I hope to create products that user appreciate and gives a smile.

My name is Anthony Oh, industrial designer from Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai.

NYP Creativity award (Merit)
Star Award (Product SISO)
Asia Star Award

Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award (Commendation)
Medal Design “Honorary Citizen Award” Competition (Merit)

Red Dot Design Award (Product: Zen Vision M)

Red Dot Design Award (Product: Zen Stone)